Healing the World, One Connection at a Time
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My Story


I truly believe in the value of People. I have made it my mission to make a difference in the lives of others by helping them see the value in themselves.

I was a single mother who worked my way up the corporate ladder to ultimately become Director of Health Claims and Configuration, all without a college degree. I have two amazing children, a wonderful daughter-in-law and two perfect grandchildren. My journey as a single mother brought some significant trials, which I openly share with others to build connection and trust with those around me.

In 2016, I retired from the healthcare profession. I discovered my passion to make a difference in the lives of others, which led me to become a Certified Speaker, Coach and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. I have always believed in the principles of John Maxwell and I led my healthcare team in that manner.

During my own journey of personal growth I realized that there is so much that we just don’t know about ourselves and each other. I realized that my whole life, while successful, was not making me feel fulfilled or happy. It was a chore. Every day was just another day. What I discovered has changed my life and I now describe myself as experiencing true happiness for the first time! I am so excited about helping others find their own true happiness and joy that I began working as a life coach. I believe that if everyone knew the secret to real connection, the world could heal: One connection at a time.

With over 20 years of experience in business and management, I have a passion for helping others reach their potential. I regularly write, train, and speak on the topics of Leadership, Team Development, Personal Growth, and Group Dynamics. I am also a Life Coach for the Lifeonaire organization. In addition, I volunteer in a number of ministries and mission programs and I am Vice-President of the Women of Worship Sorority.

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Service Offerings

Embrace Your Path to Fulfillment & Significance

The Self-Aware Individual

This journey unleashes the inner you, as you discover who you are through self-awareness and personal growth. Seldom do individuals do a deep dive on what they really, really want in life. This journey is eye opening and rewarding on so many levels, both personally and professionally. Many have never experienced such inner peace and happiness.

The Connected Couple

In this program you will identify techniques, tools and principles that will result in a love and understanding that lasts a lifetime. The reason it is so powerful is because it is created specifically and uniquely for the two of you. This session adds value to even the best relationships. If you want a marriage that lasts forever, don’t miss out on this incredible journey! This experience is powerful enough to even revive marriages that have lost their spark. This is great for both new and longstanding relationships.

The Flourishing Family

It is the goal of every parent to have a family that is close and connected forever, with unconditional love. This experience reveals the uniqueness of each family member resulting in an incredible understanding within the whole family. For many, it is the first time they have felt understood and connected to such an extreme degree. This program inspires and motivates families to flourish together and adds value to even the best of families. United they stand.

Uniting the Masses

This is a fun and exciting program that connects individuals to a level that promotes colossal harmony. It provides clarity of the uniqueness and value of each member of the group. It increases the communication and collaboration to a level that soars well beyond expectations.

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